We are happy to see things through with you. No matter your need, we can help you make your agile transformation a success with Enterprise Coaches, Team Coaches or "just" Scrum Masters or Kanban Service Delivery Managers.

Wir bieten unsere Dienste europaweit in Deutsch und Englisch an.



Find out how you can successfully scale Scrum across several teams or the whole organization. (Good Scrum knowledge is a prerequisite for this class.)



Based on an intital workshop that helps everyone involved to better understand the reasons for wanting to become agile, we will develop a transformation strategy with you that helps us to transform your organization so that you can achieve your goals.

Als besondere Stärke sehen wir es an, dass wir sowohl in Scrum also auch Kanban versiert sind. Somit sind wir in der Lage, das für Ihre Situation bessere System auszuwählen und diese gegebenenfalls auch miteinander zu kombinieren. So macht z.B. Kanban oft in der Personalabteilung mehr Sinn, während Scrum die bessere Wahl für die Produktentwicklung ist. Die beiden Systeme dann im skalierten Umfeld der Gesamtorganisation zu kombinieren ist unsere besondere Leidenschaft.

While a lot of agile coaches seem to "hide out" in software development, we relish working with all departments and leadership levels to make sure that the interests of all relevant stakeholders are reflected and therefore lower organizational resistance on the way towards a more effective organization.



Unfortunately, a lot of agile transformations fail because of insufficient support from experienced consultants. If you have doubts about the state of your transformation, we will work with you in assessing the state of the transformation and what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

In addition to our agile expertise, we bring systemic team coaching to bear in salvaging transformations as it enables us to feel out and address often covert resistance that might be impeding your transformation.

Because we can offer training as well as coaching, we can also quickly address a potential lack in knowledge and training.

"Gereon Hermkes is one of the leading agile coaches."
führenden agilen Coaches.“

Aktan Aktas


Principal at P3 Group


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